A Dog Called Molly

(Pavement special from the streets of Daveyton)

At first you scared me with your manic energy
Your thinking and actions seemed to lack synergy
Jumping and running and biting with glee
Ecstatic with the thought of being rescued by me

You leapt in the car and rescued you were
I was puzzled and asked, ‘Why orange fur?’
Mother replied as you showered me with licks,
“Same reason her tongue’s blue, she’s a lab-chow mix

That day your loyalty was cemented,
You protected us and you meant it

You removed Jo-Jo but we still loved you
We rescued another and you gave her her due
At first – strangers, today you’re a team
Cat-Killer Molly and her sidekick, Banshee.

Ten years you’ve graced our back garden
Barking, Digging, Sniffing and Loving
Good for a cuddle and then in a flash, playing guard
Stealing a tennis ball when we played in the yard
You know not of slumber, only light sleep
Watching for evil that in the night, might creep

I look at you now and you gaze right back
With button eyes that saved you from smacks
In utter contentment as I scratch your belly.
I still laugh at your neck that wobbles like jelly
A face full of grey, that has known no stress
Age has found you but we love you no less

So don’t feel ashamed when you falter at the vlei
And Banshee looks back in irritable dismay
Time will catch her too, as it will me
But when it does, I’ll be blessed, you see:

As old age bites and
I’m possessed by melancholy
I’ll be saved by memories
of myself and sweet Molly.


Note: This poem was written some five years ago and Molly has since passed away. She was bright-eyed and happy till the end but her spindly legs eventually gave in at age 12. Banshee too has passed away, earlier this year. She made it all the way to 14 and-a-half when, as foretold, time caught her too. I like to think the two of them have been reunited and are up there, chasing cats, playing tug-of-war and digging up flower beds together.







One thought on “A Dog Called Molly

  1. Lovely poem Niall…….memories are great and save us sometimes from going insane……..Do da vlei already…….We must meet up with Dukeski,Cisco and Dante and amble by the stream.
    Love Dad


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