EFF: Vandalism? Us? Never!

When questioned over the Ecomonic Freedom Front’s (EFF’s) behaviour at the Gauteng Legislature by John Robbie of Talk Radio of 702 this week, the party’s Mgcini Tshwaku opted to go with the ‘if you can’t dazzle them with brillance, baffle them with bullshit’ approach.
You have to admire the way Mr Tshwaku committed to this mantra, serving up course after course of fresh, stinking BS for John Robbie to get through, never swaying from his hard line of denial, despite Robbie’s barrage of logical reasoning.  His consistency was exemplary.

Of the many fecal points (not a typo) of Mgcini’s argument, one stands out in particular. The following is not an accurate representation of the conversation but it went something like this:


Mgcini, how do you explain the EFF’s acts of vandalism at the legislature yesterday?


There was no vandalism.

John Robbie:

But how can you say that? We all saw it on television…


No… we didn’t vandalise. We were protesting actually…

John Robbie:

But I’m telling you Mgcini, I saw it on the T.V last night with my own two eyes!


No, John… ‘We were peaceful, we went inside. We didn’t break anything and the police were actually beating us.’ (That is a direct quote as published here.)

John Robbie:

You must be fucking joking.

Actually, he didn’t say that… but you could hear that he so desperately wanted to say that. And this is why:

It seems overalls are good enough for everyone but Julius Malema. It starts with ‘hip’ and ends in ‘ocrisy’.


That’s peaceful? Storming in to a government building and inciting violence by instructing your members to ‘respond’ to police action is peacfeul? Alright, let’s go with that. The EFF is the third biggest political party in South Africa – they must know what they’re talking about. I mean, over a million South African voters can’t be wrong, can they?

Using a fire hose to drench the Gauteng Legislature must be peaceful too.

Cut to 0:55 to see the hose in action (the police officer is either trying to turn off the hose or thought the EFF’s proposal to create a slip ‘n side within the Legislature was a fucking great idea).


Helping yourself to food that isn’t yours, without permission, must also be peaceful.

Cut to 1:02 to see EFF members chowing down. Peaceful protesting is hungry work.


According to Mgcini, all of that is peaceful. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what the EFF they’re talking about.

We can debate just how peaceful/violent the EFF’s actions were but we’d be missing the point. The questions we should be asking are:

  • If that’s what the EFF consider peaceful, faultless behaviour, what do they consider to be violent?
  • Do people have to die before they’ll own up to doing something wrong?
  • Where does their denial end?
  • Does it have an end?
  • Or will they continue to justify their actions on the basis that everything they do is for the good of the everyday man and woman, growing more and more brazen as they go along?

Who knows? All we do know that being a protestor in South Africa is a whole lot of fun with little or no consequence for being an asshole.

Find out more about protesting in South Africa here.

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