South Africa: The Angry Nation

Sho, but we are an angry bunch, aren’t we?

The previously disadvantaged are angry about being currently disadvantaged, and their children are angry about being underprivileged. The not-really-underprivileged are angry about the situation of the actually-underprivileged, and angrier still at the actually-privileged for failing to do anything about it.  The actually-privileged are angry about everyone else being angry. Racists are angry with each other; and non-racists are angry about the racism. Our criminal president, who’s bad with finance, watches on as our finance minister is labelled a criminal, while pulling South Africa out of the International Criminal Court, no less. Unrest is becoming our default position and blame is catching faster than the flames of a burning educational institution. And to make matters worse, the Springboks are up to sh*t.

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